17 November 2005

Ohhh, the pain!

My back hurts (I have no idea why), my butt hurts (from doing the yoga-like moves in the Gaiam Resistance Cord Workout on our hardwood floors) and now my thumb hurts (from trying to pull a damn power supply out of a classroom computer). I just don't get it; I'm not _that_ old. And, I totally figured by not carrying around so much weight that things would begin to hurt less. But, maybe it's that it's distributed differently, so my back is having to compensate. Or, maybe it's that I now find it most comfortable to cross my legs when I'm sitting for a period of time (something I'd never been able to comfortably do for a long period of time before), so my back is having to strengthen b/c of the different position its in? Or, it could be the lack of normal nutrition is causing my body to be weaker? I dunno, but I wish it would stop ... along w/ the damn hair loss. I honestly don't have much left. :(


Sandi said...

Hi Jenn,
I found your blog on the Living with WLS site. I really like your writing style, and as I'm a pre-op, your journey is very interesting to me. Thanks for the realistic information.

Holly said...

i'd like the hair loss to stop as well. i don't think i'm as strong as i was before surgery (picking up and moving heavy stuff) but i definitely have more endurance.