25 November 2005

Gobble, gobble ...

said the turkey but not me! I successfully made it through turkey day without a scratch! Yeah!! The restaurant offered a 4 course all-inclusive meal, and despite the fact that I knew I'd never be able to eat it all, I decided not to worry about not eating everything put in front of me and to just enjoy myself (while being conscious of the choices I was making). I had the artichoke and spinach fondue (not exactly healthy, but at least it was spinach and cheese ;), a Boston lettuce salad, the turkey entree with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and peas and finally the (and this was the deadly one) peppermint roulade (peppermint ice cream surrounded by chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache) for dessert. I ended up eating only very small portions of the appetizer and salad and had one slice of turkey, a few bites of the stuffing, only 2-3 bites of the mashed potatoes as they ended up swimming in butter and only 2 very small bites of the dessert. Oh, and I was very proud, I asked them to bring the gravy on the side of which I only had one little dip. And, save one tiny bite of my husband's roll, I had no bread! No feelings of loss or missing out on anything, and I left feeling pleasantly full with the majority of my entree (and the rest of the dessert) in my hands. In all, a success!

Then, today, we decided to brave Target because my husband needed to pick up some meds from the pharmacy. I needed to pick up a few things as well including one last minute item for his upcoming birthday, so I asked him to return a pair of pants I'd gotten from the Gap earlier in the month that were way too long. I found everything I needed at Target and waited for his return at the front of the store. When he didn't arrive after a few minutes, I decided to return to the car to see if he'd gone there. He hadn't so I walked back to the mall and down to the Gap; I still didn't find him. On my way back to Target, we finally crossed paths. The reason for this story? I did all that walking ... around Target, out the car, back into the mall and down to the Gap and finally back to Target without even thinking twice about it. That's just so incredible! Six months ago, I'd never have done all that walking. I would have either waited in Target or just waited in the car. Yeah me! :)


Sandi said...

That sounds like one of the most elaborate dinners! That dessert sounds like it was worth it. Did you have a RNY gastric bypass--I'm amazed you can really eat that stuff! I thought it was just meat and maybe an occasional vegetable (low glycemic index of course). With all that walking, you surely ended up on the right side of the equation. Bravo! Great post.

jenn said...

Ra-hoo on your successful turkey day!!! I had a similarly good one as well. It's amazing just how little it takes to feel like you got what you needed...bonus on the walking NSV - that is so cool. It's just amazing how lobbing off a huge chunk of fat makes it so much easier to do well, everything!
Keep going!!!

Jenn said...

Sandi - Yep, I had RNY gastric bypass. I only took two very small bites of the dessert, so I wasn't ingesting too much sugar at one time. Since surgery, I've been pretty tolerant of sugar as long as I don't have more than about 5 grams at a time. Who knows what I really had with those two bites, but apparently it wasn't enough to bother me! We'll see next Tuesday, though, how it affects me once I step on the scale. :)


Kaye Bailey said...

Hi Jenn! Congratulations on your stellar T-Day! I love to read stories like this, particularly, "No feelings of loss or missing out on anything, and I left feeling pleasantly full."

Here's to many more successful milestones in your new life!

Take care,