19 November 2005

Party girl?!

Not quite! My husband and I went to a party last night given by one of his friends, her boyfriend and a neighbor. Jason's friend and her boyfriend are both graduate students in Architecture, and the party was, well, more sophisticated than your typical college party. (The host was wearing Prada and Ferragamo! I know because we commented on both his shirt and his shoes.) They had lots of bubbly and wine as well as a fantastic spread of food (of which I had very little). And, the majority of the attendees were fellow grad students. Their apartment was small, and by the time the party really got going there were quite a few people there making it rather difficult to move around. I've never been known as the life of the party and in the past would typically do my best to squish myself up against a wall so as to be as out of the way as possible. So, while I still found myself trying to stay out of the way (old habits die hard), I came to the realization that I could move among other guests without, well, knocking into them with every turn. I still probably weighed the most of all of the women who were there (yes, I still pay attention to that), but it wasn't by that much. I'll probably never be the life of the party, but at least there's a good chance I won't always be the total wallflower either.

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