15 November 2005

Shrinking pants ... and consistency

I've had another epiphany. I was doing my laundry, and while hanging things up, I realized my pants no longer take up the entire width (or sometimes more) of a hanger when folded in half. In fact, it's not even 3/4 full! I still find myself not believing that my pants will fit when I hold them up in front of myself, and then when I put them on, I find they're loose. I continue to struggle with the per week weight loss; mostly, I lose 2-3lbs per week as of late. And, I want more, but the thing I have to keep telling myself is that while I may not be seeing the pounds drop off as quickly as I'd like I'm still seeing changes in my body itself and in how the clothes I bought not that long ago are becoming looser and looser.

But, on the other hand, when I do stupid things like watch "The Biggest Loser" on NBC and I see the women contestants losing 7-8+ lbs in a week and they weigh less than I do, I get frustrated again. But, again, I'm not working out all the time every day, and when I do work out each day, I'm not killing myself the way that they do.

I'm 5 months post-op as of yesterday, and as of today, I've lost 80 lbs. So, I'm still losing an average of 4 lbs per week (which I did manage over the past week), and I really think the exercise I've been doing lately (38 minutes on the elliptical with an average heart rate of about 137 burning about 290-300 calories every other day with strength training on the other days) is helping keep the weight loss going. I just hope I'll be able to reach my weight goal of 85 lbs lost by the time we go down to my MIL's for Thanksgiving as they haven't seen me since before surgery, and I'm expecting a pretty big reaction from them. So, I just want to be at the number that an 85 lb total loss puts me. It's a lot less than I'd originally hoped for a couple of months ago (a total of 100 lbs lost), but obviously, it's a lot more realistic.


Holly said...

i'm 5 months out today! my weight loss has slowed as well, but i'm finding the same clothing phenomena. I wore the pants i'm wearing today saturday before last and they fit, but they were a little uncomfortably snug after awhile. today they're just fine. i think i've lost 3 pounds, but that shouldn't make THAT big of a difference.

what is your goal?

Jenn said...

It's probably more than what doctors say is my "ideal" weight, but I'm targeting 135 lbs. I honestly don't remember the last time I weighed 135 lbs (probably sometime in high school or middle school), but I would be phenomenally thrilled with it!

Claire said...

Hi Jenn, I found your blog today and have to say that will definetly be visiting often. I am two months out and live in NYC as well and always looking for inspiration. The biggest loser can be a bit discouraging if you compare it to yourself. It drives me nuts. That is why I usually watch it while on the treadmill or doing sit ups! I thought it was only I that was making myself nuts over the weight loss of the contestants!

80 lbs is great! Keep up the great work!

Claire www.shrinkingchica.com

Melting Mama said...

Hello! Found you from the link - thank you.... :-) Will be following your journey!