20 December 2005

No weigh-in today

I typically weigh myself every Tuesday, but as I mentioned before, my sister has no scale in her house. It didn't hit me this morning, but as I sat here reading others' blogs, I realized, hey, it's Tuesday! And, I haven't weighed myself. :( I did exercise today for the first time in about a week and a half. We went to a local park where my 9 year old niece and my brother in law were meeting the rest of her soccer team to run. I had the forethought to bring my heart-rate monitor and watch with me, so I was able to monitor my heart-rate as I walked. I always kind of thought I was cheating myself out of "real" exercise by doing the elliptical (I dunno why), but I realized today that's totally crazy. I don't run, so it took me a lot longer to get my heart-rate up to a decent level. I finally got it up to about 148, but with the wind and the fading sun, it had gotten really cold (even for a New Yorker!). So, I only walked for 35 minutes. I don't know how many calories I burned, but at least I was able to get my heart-rate up. It truly makes me realize how much I love my elliptical, though!

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Sandi said...

I love the elliptical--wanna buy my own. I very much think it's "real" exercise. But when your schedule is disrupted, it's good to know there is always walking. Dealing with the cold is a big issue to me, so I applaud you for not making any excuses and just "doing it."

The one good thing I took from the "biggest loser" was seeing those seriously heavy people pushing themselves so hard at the exercise... I hold those images in my head every day when the old excuse machine fires up.