17 December 2005

Traveling is sooo different!

Thanks to my office's Verizon wireless network card w/ unlimited service, I'm currently sitting in the middle of Philadelphia airport in a rocking chair listening to a fine Jazz quartet play the very familiar "Christmas Time Is Here". (I don't know if that's the actual title or not, but it's the song that's played in the Charlie Brown Christmas special when they're skating on the pond.) It makes for a much easier 4 hour layover.

The 37 minute flight here was thoroughly uneventful ... unless you consider easily fitting into my small airplane seat, very easily buckling the seatbelt (without having to ask for a seatbelt extender!) and being able to cross my legs while sitting in my seat eventful. Wait, I consider that _very_ eventful!! I used to travel for business and flew entirely too much; I loathed flying. (I still don't enjoy it, but because of my weight it was torture!) I have vivid memories of the looks people would have on their faces when they realized they were sitting next to me, I dreaded having to ask for the seatbelt extender and in most cases would do everything I could to get the belt secured without having to do so and hated winding up at my destination all sweaty and disheveled just from making my way across airports. I wish I were here under better circumstances, but I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am at the ease with which I was able to board the plane (I didn't hit every other seat with my hips while walking down the aisle ... damn!), sit comfortably in my seat and make my way from terminal F to the center of the airport! I've even found men being kinder to me ... doing things like allowing me to walk through a doorway before them and holding doors open for me, and I've even had two men walk by and say comments to me. They're completely innocuous ... stuff like, you're not going to get any work done with all this noise (the Jazz). But, that's never happened before! I'm not looking for it, but it's nice to know I'm no longer so repulsive to most people.

One downside, after an hour and a half in this wooden rocking chair, my butt's really hurting! See, a smaller ass isn't always so good! Here's to easier travel, though!


Sandi said...

Wow, what a lot of memories and emotions this post brought back to me. It still hurts me how people have acted toward me as an obese person. I know thin people think it's just being oversensitive, but if they ever had anyone look at them with the loathing and utter contempt that overweight people deal with every day, I wonder if they would begin to understand how damaging obesity is to the emotional as well as physical health of a person.

God forbid I ever lose my compassion for those who haven't gone the wls and choose to brave the world.

I'm glad you're having a safe trip and seeing some positives out there.

And thanks for your kind words on my blog too. Much appreciated, gfriend!

Holly said...

i haven't been on a plane in years. jazz? rocking chairs? wifi? holy crap it's a different world. maybe i should consider flying again one day.

jenn said...

OMG Jenn! I flew Seattle to Portland last week and slid into that seat with ease! It was so cool - I always was able to squeeze (with a capital S) into those seats without the extender, but man, it just was so much more relaxing. I mean, crossing ones legs PERIOD is exciting, but to do it on a plane is an added bonus. Go Girl!