27 December 2005

Therapy via shopping?

We made another trek to Birmingham today. I received a very generous gift card to Eddie Bauer from my sister's family for Christmas, so I was excited to use it on the post-Christmas sales. I happily found a pair of dress pants, a shirt, a sweater and a pair of PJ bottoms. Although, it was a bit of a set-back in that the pants are a size 16, and the shirt and sweater are an XL. But, as Jenn discovered, things at Eddie Bauer tend to run on the small side. But, wait, there was another punch in the gut ready for me: seeing my sister in the SIZE 2 cords she tried on that were TOO BIG!! Practically my entire life I've been bigger than my sister (even though she's 3 years older than I am), and I've always struggled with it. I mean, when she was 9 months pregnant with her first daughter, she borrowed clothes of mine! That's not to say she hasn't had to work at it; she runs marathons for crying out loud! But, it's still rather unfair. ;)

Back to the shopping, I found this fabulous jacket at Anthropologie at an amazing price; unfortunately, the largest size they had was a size 10, and while I can get it on and buttoned, I know it's not supposed to fit like it does. I bought it with the knowledge that I _love_ it and that I _am going_ to lose more weight (despite the setbacks I've suffered while here), but I keep telling myself that I shouldn't have bought it because, well, I shouldn't be spending any money given my current financial situation. So, I have an out; my sister and her family are leaving to go to Disney on the same day I'm set to fly out, but their flight is a ton earlier than mine. So, I can continue to think about it, and if I decide to return it, I'll have time before my flight. Good plan, huh?

And, lastly I bought a fabulous, limited-edition glass ornament from Smith & Hawken at 50% off plus an extra 15% off for being a "preferred customer". When we lived in California, I worked at Smith & Hawken for about a year, and enjoyed a 40% discount, so buying their yearly limited-edition ornaments became a tradition. It's one I've not taken part in for the past few years (as there isn't a Smith & Hawken anywhere near where I live, and the full-price of the ornament is way too much), so I was happy to find it this year at 50% off!!!

My sister posted pictures from Christmas today. This one's of me, my brother-in-law and my two nieces. Aren't they adorable? I'm having a fabulous time here with them and don't look forward to leaving, but it's got to happen. I have to get away from all of the food temptations and face the realities of my life at home.


Jessica said...

I found your site from a link on Jenn's website. I am lap band pre-op and enjoy reading everyone's blogs on WLS.

I read a few of your previous posts and I'm sorry to hear what is happening with your husband. I filed for divorce 5 years ago with my husband. While we were separated, we went through serious marriage counseling and reconciled. I did not go through with the divorce and we learned so much about each other and ourselves in the process. We now are happier than we ever were before. I hope everything goes well. I will keep your in my prayers.

Jenn said...

Thanks very much for your comment and your well wishes. It's great to hear that someone else has gone through a similar situation with a positive outcome after counseling. Granted, I know it's all up to us, but with work, it can be done.


Holly said...

size 2? too big? ack.

i'm pissed because the 18/20 pants i bought at Lane Bryant are just a little too snug. another few pounds i'll be fine.. but it actually made me mad.

so, i'm suffering daily on the elliptical. but the suffering feels good. better than eating too much and laying on the couch with painful indigestion and self hate.