26 December 2005

Post-Christmas Wrap-Up

Overall, the day went well. I began the day with 3 breakfast-sized apple chicken sausages and 6oz of skim milk (despite having blueberry muffins available). The girls then began their first round of present opening before we left for church. The church service was very nice, but what I enjoyed most was being at the service with my sister and her family. We got back to their apartment at about 11:45am and decided to have the girls begin their 2nd round of opening. (A lot of what they were given ended up being replacements for things they lost in the house fire, so they had _a ton_!) At about 1:30pm we decided to take another break to enjoy some crepes. I had 2 crepes at 80 calories and 2 grams of sugar each, and I put 5 slices of peaches on top (but I did choose to forego the traditional powdered sugar on top of it all!). After finishing our crepes, the girls finished opening their presents. By the end, they'd both begun to break down a little. For the 4-year-old, it seemed to be more about the process of opening than finding out what was inside. But, it was very enjoyable to watch them both as they discovered each new thing.

My sister and I then began cooking the big dinner. We'd purchased a spiral sliced ham from the local Super Target, and my sister had found recipes for three cheese scalloped potatoes, lemon-pepper green beans and a cranberry Waldorf salad. I did very well by eating the ham first, then the green beans, a few bites of potatoes and lastly a couple of bites of the cranberry salad. I'm not typically a cranberry fan, but the salad was fantastic! It had fat free vanilla yogurt mixed in with cranberries, apples, grapes, walnuts and celery; it was just the right mix of each without the cranberries being too overpowering. While after eating all of that I was without a doubt full, I wasn't stuffed to the gills either. And, I didn't feel guilty about any of it. Sure, I could have lived without the potatoes and the cranberry salad, but I didn't overindulge in either. Not too bad of a day.


Holly said...

you did better than i, dear girl. i most definitely overdid it. i didn't gain anything but i sure felt bad. so today i'm on a no carb/no sugar kick.

the evil cake is still in my fridge. i'm going to cut enough off of it for sean and the boys to have some tonight after dinner and the rest is going in the garbage. i cannot have it in the house. it is pure torture. i know it will make me sick, yet i eat it.

Jenn said...

I know exactly what you mean, Holly. Fast food has never been something that's really been too impressive to me ... with the exception of Chick-fil-A and Krystal. And, now that I'm in an area that has both, I've given into both. :( I only did the chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A and 2 Krystal burgers, but dang did they both make me feel ill! And, I can't believe I gave in to fast food!!! Grrrrrr!!! I guess I'm glad I don't live here. ;)